23 January, 2017

Pacemaker for Brain..Novel Treatment..!!

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a technique involving the implantation of electrodes in brain thus sending electrical impulses to specific areas. DBS in select brain regions has provided remarkable therapeutic benefits for otherwise treatment-resistant brain diorders.

22 January, 2017

Foods Blessings from Mother Nature..!!

The latest results in from medical research show that there are foods that help fight  inflammation -- give us a better chance at fighting clots that block blood-flow to the heart. These studies are based on understanding how biochemical fluctuations cause heart attacks and strokes.

21 January, 2017

Exercise:Greatest Metaphor for Life !!

Ever been jealous of that perfect body those models have. Participating in Moderate or High-intensity Resistance Exercise Training may have increased fat-free mass, decreased total body fat mass, and other beneficial changes.

Big Idea For Happy Relationship..Motivate Each other..!!

"They lived happily ever after" is not a beautiful line which you come across only in Tom cruise movies or otherwise.. but is a constant will to bring happiness and charm in your beloved ones..!!

20 January, 2017

Banana a Day Keeps Doctor Away

Despite being erroneously called “fattening” and too high in sugar, a small banana only contains about 100 calories, which is not much more than a medium apple. Nor should it raise your blood glucose level too high.